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Book Review #19: One Con Glory

One Con Glory by Sarah Kuhn

One Con Glory by Sarah Kuhn is a fantastic geek romance book. It is a short and wonderful read about geek writer, Julie. We follow her on  her quest to find her childhood comic book heroine figure, Glory Gilmore. The main character is smart, funny and you root for her all the way. It’s such a great book that my sister and I mention in the video review that it would be a great movie. After a quick google search, I’ve found out it is being made into a movie! It is full of nerdy and nostalgic references. However, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get any of the nerdy references you’ll still enjoy the book. If you love comics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Comic-Con, great female geek characters and happy romantic endings you will love this book.

Happy readings!

<3 Izzie


Dapper Animals at Supercon 2015

Last week I attended our biggest comic convention in South Florida, Supercon.  It was exciting to see how much it has grown over the years. We are really proud (and grateful) of founder Mike Broder for starting this event. I still remember attending his smaller events back in 2006 and thinking it was nice to have our own smaller version of San Diego Comic Con in South florida. Now our local convention has grown up big time. Last year over 40,000 people showed up to Supercon and I can only imagine the numbers were greater this year. The isles were super packed!


What I love most about conventions is that you can meet other cosplayers and geek out in a friendly atmosphere. You can approach strangers that are advertising their love for The Fifth Element, Totoro, steampunk, Adventure Time, etc. – and those strangers will also want to connect with you. What other situation breaks down the barriers of approaching complete strangers like this? I can only think of comic conventions.

I also discovered some amazing new artists at Supercon this year. Check them out below.

Morgan Wilson’s low brow art

Nomiienation’s artwork where creepy meets cute

Peter Santa Maria had great illustrations

Last Laugh Crafts Handcut Paper Artwork

Brian Reedy illustrations.