Book Review #17: Wing Girl by Nic Tatano

Wing Girl. Worst romance book ever.

1 out of 5 stars. Oh what the hell, 0 out of 5 stars. Wing Girl, I don’t know where to start with how bad of a book you turned out to be. Wing Girl is one big cliché sprinkled generously with sexism, classism, and contempt for overweight and non attractive people. Not only is this book incredibly offensive towards women, it is also badly written. Wing Girl has no character development, just stereotypes such as the sassy friend, the rich friend and the blue collar boyfriend (who seems to be a working class man but really owns his own business and went to an Ivy League University). The plot consists of a smart, independent, but frumpy woman that cannot get a guy. Her three sassy and beautiful friends come to the rescue with a physical and personality makeover. Once this miraculous makeover takes place all guys are slobbering after her like a dog after a steak. However, our boring and one dimensional main character is emotionally immature and does not trust herself to pick the right guy bla, bla, bla. Terrible, god awful book.

Below are a couple of mention-worthy quotes from Wing Girl:

“I like a girl who can clean her plate and still be skinny”.

As we mentioned in our video review, you might as well say you like unicorns because both are mythical, non-existant creatures.

“The woman wouldn’t even need a Halloween mask with that hooked nose.”

“… and a four hundred pound guy dressed as Batman who didn’t notice a sticker someone had slapped on his back reading “you have exceeded the weight limit of your costume”.

“In one case Vincent caught a glimpse of a woman who easily tipped the scales at three hundred pounds who was wearing a thong. He quickly retreated to our cabin, saying he had to rip out his eyeballs to wash away the image or he would not be able to eat dinner.”

What are you? A fifth grader? It seems like the author’s main go-to comedic lines are ugly and fat jokes.

“Since Vincent so enjoyed seeing me in the wedding dress I’ve agreed to put it on once each year on our anniversary, as long as he wears the tuxedo. He was thrilled though he added, “And it better fit.” To which I responded, “So should the tuxedo.”

Yes, as a romance novel author, he certainly knows his demographic. Nothing is sexier to a woman than being told they better not gain weight. However, it seems like the author made this “cute” banter be OK by having the female character demand the same of her husband. It wasn’t.

Wing Girl by Nic Tatano is one of the worst books I have read this year ever read. Classless, boring and offensive. The only character I liked in this book is the much reviled HR lady, which the author nicknamed the HR Troll. Well, after this deservedly negative review you can go ahead and call me the Book Reviewer Troll. I will proudly own my nickname.

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    • izzie

      I would too! And he seems to have so many of that genre (chick-lit). Tsk tsk.