Book Review #21: Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

New romance novel by Penny Reid has a southern, bad boy twist to it.

Jessica has known the Winston twins since childhood. She has been hopelessly in love with one twin, Beau, the nice and endearing one. Meanwhile, the more serious and mean looking twin, Duane, is hopelessly in love with her. When Jessica finally comes back to her childhood town and mistakenly hooks up with the wrong twin, her whole crush belief system comes crumbling down. Dilemma ensues.

For me it was a fun, quick read with just the perfect amount of sex scenes. It had a couple of storyline holes which I could get past. I like how Penny Reid’s main characters are smart independent women. There are also several funny bits, like her psychotic cat named Edmund Hillary that is constantly trying to kill her. However, the whole Southern bit was laid on a bit thick and Jessica’s wonderlust/should I stay in town dilemma was tiresome. This being said, I still found the book charming and will most definitely read the next book in the series. Also, I think the cover is quite cute. Kudos on the design 😉

Happy reading!

<3 Izzie

p.s. We mentioned a great historical romance series in the video called Maiden Lane series and mistakenly said the author was Courtney Milan. The correct author is Elizabeth Hoyt. Both are great authors we highly recommend you check out!

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