Book Review # 7: Bearllionaire

Welcome to our seventh episode of our video podcast the Izzie & Coco Book Review Show. In this episode we talk about Bearllionaire by Terry Bolryder. This is a pretty bad book; but it is so bad that you laugh at it throughout. The story is so ridiculous and the character development so dismal, yet I enjoyed this train wreck of a book. You know how ugly dogs are so ugly you think they are cute? This book had a similar effect on us. If you are looking for a quick (no brainer) read by the pool, then this might be a good pick. However, if you are looking for a good shifter/paranormal romance book, this is not it. Don’t read this as your first book in the genre or you will be disappointed. We are curious to hear what you thought about it. Remember to leave us a comment, we love hearing from our readers/viewers. If you found a book you love because of our recommendations or share an absolute love or hate for a book, tell us! For any comments or questions please email us at books(at)

Our next book selection is Coveted by the Bear by T.S. Joyce. We will be posting our review soon!

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