Book Review: A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

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Live The Cute Life: A Curious Beginning Book Review

Izzie: Hello and welcome to “Live the Cute Life”. I’m Izzie.

Coco: And I’m Coco.

Izzie: We’re so happy to be back.

Coco: It’s been so long.

Izzie: Sorry about that. So we have a lot of stuff to cover today because of that.

Coco: We’ve been busy. We’ve just not been reporting back to you but we’re about to fix that right now.

Izzie: Yes. So Happy New Year!

Coco: Happy New Year.

Izzie: We read the book “A Curious Beginning” by Deanna Raybourn. She’s one of our favorite authors.

Coco: A Curious Beginning – the main character is Veronica Speedwell. And she is – how do you call that? Lepidopterist? The butterfly lady.

Izzie: She’s a butterfly expert. She’s also a scientist so she’s very unconventional. She doesn’t have parents. She’s an orphan and then her guardians die. And so this is where all the adventure begins.

Coco: Her last guardian, who she thinks is her aunt, passes away. And then all of a sudden, people are starting to go after her. She just wants to go on expeditions in foreign lands and have hook-ups with foreign men.

Izzie: Yes, she’s awesome. She’s way ahead of her time.

Coco: She’s not interested in settling down and it’s awesome.

Izzie: I have a good quote with guardian. Because as soon as her guardians died, the first thing that they want to do is marry her off, obviously. And so there’s this quote I have from the book:
“Mrs. Clutterthorpe, I can hardly think of any fate worse than becoming the mother of six,” because they want to marry her to a widow. This widow guy has six kids.
“Unless perhaps it were the plague, and even then I am persuaded a few disfiguring buboes and possible death would be preferable to motherhood.”

Coco: Oh my goodness. She definitely is not looking forward to settle down.

Izzie: That was a slap in the face. “No, I do not want to get married to that guy.”

Coco: She’s awesome. She’s just really independent. Her adventures lead her to this very grumpy guy.

Izzie: That’s why I love it. It’s the grumpy guy that doesn’t like to admit that he likes her. He pretends he hates her but he really does love her because she is adorable.

Coco: They end up stuck together and trying to solve a mystery. As always, I just like the –

Izzie: The chemistry between the –

Coco: The chemistry and the back-and-forth between the two characters. She does a great job.

Izzie: Great chemistry but there’s no sexy scenes. But the book is so good, so well-written, great story line that – it’s all right.

Coco: I didn’t feel like I miss that. I was so entertained with this book. So I definitely recommend this, definitely give it a thumbs up.

Izzie: A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn, like it. A solid 4-stars.

Coco: We’re going with the star-system now.

Izzie: Yes. I kind of go through Goodreads. I’ll be going onto Goodreads and updating and putting like a little review on it.

Oh plus – because also – like it’s coincidentally because in Goodreads, they have giveaways and I automatically signed up for a giveaway for this book because I love Deanna Raybourn and we got it. So this was an advance reader’s copy but the book is out.

Coco: I didn’t know that’s how we got that.

Izzie: Yes. I thought it was through NetGalley but no, it was through Goodreads. Sorry I should have posted my review sooner at it but it’s coming. It’s awesome. I loved it.

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