About Us

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At Dapper Animals we handmake playful and creative accessories for darlings living a colorful and cute life. If you feel like an adult that never grew up, you’re in the right place. We feel the same way!

That’s why we decided to create a line of whimsical accessories to match our personalities. We love “Living The Cute Life.” Don’t you?

Meet The Sister Duo Behind Dapper Animals

Andrea & Paola are two non-stop creatives with complementing talents. Andrea is the founder of graphic design studio Vintage Unicorn. She spends her days handlettering, playing with watercolors, designing, and directing artistic visions for her clients.

Paola is a serial entrepreneur, doodler extraordinaire, and all around bossy pants. Most of our kawaii designs are inspired by her sketches. With a degree in Computer Science, and a Masters in IT Management she handles all the technical aspects of the business. She also has a knack for building communities that support each other. You’ll usually find her educating, inspiring, and collaborating with the members of The Blogger Union.

Dapper Animals Products

Each purse is handmade with love by the two of us – Andrea & Paola. We do everything from designing, cutting, gluing, sewing, painting, and every other step in between. Every piece we make is a labor of love and made to order.

We are only making a small number of bags for each design because it’s a two person operation; and we’d like to keep it that way (as long as we can).