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Live the Cute Life: Geek Girl Brunch October meetup

Hello! Just got back from our October Geek Girl Brunch meetup and I’m still giddy from all the fun we had. We had a fantastic time and was lovely to see so many of the attendees in costumes. Each time we go, we always meet great new people 🙂 This month’s meetup was held at Earls Kitchen + Bar in Dadeland Mall. Below are more pictures of this awesome event.

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Elsie and Aurora, thank you again for organizing such a great event. I’m always look forward to the next one <3

p.s. Meli, we missed you! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl, Luna 🙂


Product Review

Live the Cute Life: Girl’s Guide to Survival Gear

Our super prepared friend, Eli, shows us what a girl needs in her bag to survive a natural disaster or any other type of emergency. Eli, is a physician assistant, children’s book publisher and a real life doomsday prepper! Anything you can think of needing for an emergency or disaster, she has it. Below are some of the things she recommends you have in your Bug Out Bag, which a is bag that has everything you would need to survive for 72hrs. Great to have in case of any natural or supernatural disaster. It’s not a question whether we ARE going to have a zombie apocalypse but WHEN. Just kidding, kind of.

Military MOLLE Backpack 27L


550 Paracor 7 strand


Flashlight Lantern Safety Strobe


First Aid Kit

Water Proof Matches



Small Cooking Set


Freeze Dried Food


Lifesaver Bottle




Knife with whistle and fire starter


Suaoki Solar Waterproof LED Lantern


Lightweight 30 LED Lantern


Eton FRX5 Hand Crank Emergency Weather Radio


Coleman string lights


There’s also a pre-packed Bug Out Bag here:

Bug Out Bag


Thank you Eli for being our guest and sharing all your awesome gear with us!

Check out Eli’s book! The Adventures of Little Lilly Imma: Dear Flower

Book Review

Book Review #23: AngelFall by Susan Ee

For our AngelFall review we had our friend Amy from as our guest 🙂

Angelfall is a post-apocalyptic book where earth is overrun by angels. So don’t expect the angels to be your usual benign creatures, they’re not. They’re the ones that have brought earth into chaos; they are the monsters that are feared during daylight and have all the humans fighting for their survival, including Penryn, her mom and little sister. Even though these angels have brought destruction among earth, Penryn still finds some compassion in her heart and saves an angel being brutally attacked by other angels. By doing so, the attacking angels retaliate by kidnapping her little sister. Penryn and the disgraced angel join forces in a quest to recover her little sister and the angel’s fallen wings.

Overall, this was an action packed book with an incredible beginning that grips you immediately. The main character, Penryn, may not have any supernatural powers but she is still kicks ass. Love the chemistry between her and Rafael (the fallen angel), but most of all loved her very troubled mom. The author created a very emotional and complicated relationship between Penryn and her mom that made this book quite different from your run of the mill distopian books. AngelFall is a trilogy and all 3 books are already out. So if you’re a completist, you’re all set to go 🙂

Happy reading!

<3 Izzie

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Live The Cute Life #4: Labbits!

Today we proudly bring you our Labbit collection. The labbit is a magnificent little bunny that usually comes with a stache or cigarette. Designed by Frank Kozik and made by Kidrobot. Why do we love this little guy so much? Is it its rotund shape? Dashing mustache? Or the beauty of its simplicity? ALL of the above! They’re huggable (plushie version) and adorable. Yet, they come with cigarettes and stubble (Smorkin’ Labbit). I know! How can you not love these grungy little suckers?