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Live the Cute Life: Girl’s Guide to Survival Gear

Our super prepared friend, Eli, shows us what a girl needs in her bag to survive a natural disaster or any other type of emergency. Eli, is a physician assistant, children’s book publisher and a real life doomsday prepper! Anything you can think of needing for an emergency or disaster, she has it. Below are some of the things she recommends you have in your Bug Out Bag, which a is bag that has everything you would need to survive for 72hrs. Great to have in case of any natural or supernatural disaster. It’s not a question whether we ARE going to have a zombie apocalypse but WHEN. Just kidding, kind of.

Military MOLLE Backpack 27L


550 Paracor 7 strand


Flashlight Lantern Safety Strobe


First Aid Kit

Water Proof Matches



Small Cooking Set


Freeze Dried Food


Lifesaver Bottle




Knife with whistle and fire starter


Suaoki Solar Waterproof LED Lantern


Lightweight 30 LED Lantern


Eton FRX5 Hand Crank Emergency Weather Radio


Coleman string lights


There’s also a pre-packed Bug Out Bag here:

Bug Out Bag


Thank you Eli for being our guest and sharing all your awesome gear with us!

Check out Eli’s book! The Adventures of Little Lilly Imma: Dear Flower

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