Live the Cute Life: Geek Girl Project – 3D Printing!


Today we bring you our 3D printed projects! Over the last few years the cost of 3D printing has gone down and 3D printers are now available for regular people like you and me. The printer we are using is a Zortrax M200. We are making good use of it by printing adorable projects 🙂 Behold our plastic creations!


Pocket PiGRRL – Raspberry Pi Gameboy

IMG_4341Heart Cupcake

IMG_4335Low Poly Tree


IMG_4343Pacman Ghosts

The Zortrax M200 is more of a high end 3D printer. To get started you don’t need to invest in such a pricey printer. Here are a couple less expensive options we recommend:

Maker Farm



Live the Cute Life!

<3 Izzie

  1. Liz Tailor says

    I’m so intrigued with 3D printing. How cool!! It’s like we’re living in the future or something…well, I guess that’s exactly what’s happening! 😉

    1. coco says

      lol I know! I can’t believe the 90’s are going to be 30 years ago soon.

  2. Liege says

    What an amazing gadget!? I love this invention!

    1. coco says

      Yay! Glad you like it 🙂

  3. Katy says

    How adorable! I want to make some.

  4. Kat says

    Whoa I have no idea what I would ever do with one. The minute I figure it out I’ll get one lol. There has to be something I can do and sell. 😉

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