Care Bear Inspired Comfortable Travel Outfit

I’m a creature whose natural habitat is comfy everything – comfy shoes, comfy outfits, comfy chairs. (You get the picture.) As such, you’ll usually find me traveling with old sweat pants, sneakers, and a warm hoodie. Sitting on a plane is one of the most uncomfortable things I put myself through because there’s an adventure that goes along with it. So I’m not going to wear something that’s going to add to my discomfort. Nope – no way.

But when I was planning my Alt Summit trip I reconsidered my traveling uniform. After all, I was headed to a colorful destination with gorgeous photo opportunities. I hate to miss out on a cute colorful pic. So I came up with a cute version of my sweatpants outfit and I was inspired from the rose pink and lilac from one of my favorite childhood cartoons – the Care Bears. I remember having the pastel, plushie versions of Cheer Bear & Share Bear when we we’re kids.

Izzie found this adorable pink pinafore for less than $25! It’s a steal and super cute. It’s loose and comfortable so it passed the requirements for the traveling mission. I always wear skirts and dresses above the knee with tights or leggings because I like to jump around, bend over, and just move how ever the heck I want without worrying about flashing my undies around. I love the freedom of wearing leggings and sporting a cute dress. So yes, I wear leggings almost every day and I love it. If you think that’s weird – don’t worry about it. I definitely don’t!

Now, for the shoes I was going to wear some kind of flats. I’ve been wearing these adorable Old Navy sneakers non-stop. Why? First of all they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Second of all they are super comfortable; and third reason they are super CHEAP! I bought these sneakers in five different colors (blush pink, navy, black, white, and gray) because I got them super discounted. You can get them on sale too. Old Navy has a 50% off sale almost once a week. It’s the best!

I wore my sneakers without socks, but don’t worry I didn’t walk barefoot during the security checkpoint – gross! Traveling pro tip: If you are wearing shoes without socks, keep a pair of socks handy that you can wear while you go through security and stuff them in your carry-on when you make it through. Then wash those nasty socks as soon as you get home (or toss them in the garbage if you’re wasteful like that – I sometimes am. Sorry!).

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t look after their shoes. They get ruined after 6 months. So I was so happy to find $10 shoes (after discount) that I can replace after 6 months. So I have my outfit for Alt Summit traveling ready! I added these bubblegum sunglasses from J. Crew. I’m in love with them and they are 40% off today. Not sure how long that sale is going to last. So go get ’em while they’re hot.

As the final touch. My carry-on was this cat backpack from PB Teen’s Emily & Meritt line. I was carrying my laptop and the backpack was convenient and comfortable. This backpack has a laptop pocket too!

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What do you like to wear when you travel? Let us know in the comments!

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