Why You Need A Trivet For Picnics

Until recently, I thought trivets were only for hot pots – the handy tool to protect your table and countertop from getting scorch marks from a hot pot or dish. Then, we took a trivet on a picnic and it leveled up our picnicking experience. Now we don’t have to constantly worry about spilling our drinks!

As all picnic-lovers know, no matter how thick your picnic blanket, the grass makes a picnic blanket a lumpy surface. Without a sturdy level surface to place your drinks, your soda can or beer bottle are very likely to fall over. Nothing ruins a picnic like a soaked picnic blanket – because where are you going to sit now?

That’s when a trivet comes in extra handy! It’s that sturdy level surface you need to keep your drinks safe from spilling over. If you are in search of a cute trivet, check out our Dapper Animals Etsy shop. We took two of our waffle trivets on our latest picnic – one for drinks and one for snacks. It was lovely not worrying about spilling beverages.

It now seems pretty obvious, but it had never crossed my mind to bring a trivet on a picnic.

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