Handmade Pizza Wooden Purse With Hearts By Dapper Animals

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Show the world how much you love a slice of pizza with this adorable, hand-painted, limited edition pizza purse. We’re so happy to release the latest design for the Dapper Animals Limited Edition Club! You can find it in our Dapper Animals Etsy Shop.

As pizza lovers, it’s so exciting to walk down the street and strike up conversations with fellow pizza fans. I don’t know what it is about pizza – maybe the gooey stretchy cheese – that it makes the perfect comfort food.

What’s a Limited Edition Handbag?

We only make 10 bags using this pizza design and color scheme. That’s it! If you buy one, you’ll know you’ve purchased a unique conversation piece that is part of a short run. Only 10 people will have this bag – and you’re one of them! Yay! Welcome to the Dapper Animals Limited Edition Club!

Handmade and Made to Order

We make all of our Dapper Animals pizza bags to order. That means we start making it once your order comes through – just for you! It will takes us 2-3 weeks to cut, paint, and assemble your AMAZING pizza with hearts bag.

Shop Andrea’s Fast Food Fashion

Andrea is wearing a royal navy dress with an ice cream patch and a white peter pan collar with her pizza bag. It turns out a perfect combination of food also works in an outfit.

Ice Cream Dress – (Modcloth)
Limited Edition Pizza Purse – (Dapper Animals)
Sunnglasses – (J. Crew)

Shop Paola’s Outfit

I’m wearing a plain white tee with a rainbow skirt along with my pizza purse. The white tee allows the skirt and bag to catch your eye.

Rainbow Skirt – (Modcloth)
Limited Edition Pizza Purse – (Dapper Animals)
White Stretch Tee – (J. Crew)
Sunglasses – (J. Crew)

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