Origami Stage Backdrop: South Florida Blogger Awards 2018

South Florida Blogger Awards 2018 Stage Backdrop

We’re lucky to put together this amazing annual event to celebrate the achievements of the local creative community called the South Florida Blogger Awards. We just wrapped up the third year of the blogger awards, and we had a blast. You can read all about it on thebloggerunion.com

The South Florida Blogger Awards is also an opportunity to create bigger crafts that over 200 people can appreciate and take photos with. This year we came up with an ombre origami inspired backdrop for the stage. We had to fold over 500 triangles to cover the 16 foot wide backdrop. A huge thank you to our crafting volunteers who helped us with the cutting, scoring, and folding of the triangles: Mamita Sin CulpaYour Helpful FoodieCurly QT CoutureNicky ValdesHappy Run Happy Mom, & Vintage Unicorn.

I really enjoyed hanging out with this  group of amazing women. We sat around a table folding paper triangles and sharing stories about their lives. We became an origami crafting circle and it was fantastic! I also find the repetitive work of large scale projects a kind of meditation that soothes me.

Ombre Origami Backdrop Process

Once we had hundreds of triangles ready to go, Andrea and I glued them on the board using our handy and trusted glue gun.

Then, it was time to add text to the backdrop and glue the South Florida Bloggers logo. We used painter’s tape as a guide to make sure we were gluing it in the right place.

Andrea designed the South Florida Bloggers logo (if you’re in need of a graphic designer check out her work at vintageunicorn.com). Since this was a large backdrop, we used the X-Carve CNC machine to cut the letters out of wood. We then sanded and painted all the letters.

After all that work, I love the final result of the backdrop. The rows of triangles give the backdrop a texture that pops and the way the light plays with the pyramids creates interesting patterns. This origami backdrop made the event extra special and that’s what we wanted!


Behind the Scenes of the Origami Backdrop

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