Heart Shaped Waffle Coasters For Kawaii-Waffle Lovers

Do you need an excuse to throw a get together at your place? We’ve got the perfect plan for you. Have a small shindig to unveil your new set of adorable heart-shaped waffle coasters! We just released these cuties in our Dapper Animals Etsy Shop.

Every waffle coaster is engraved with its own smiling piece of melting butter. Each one is laser cut, assembled, and hand painted by us. You can buy them in sets of 2 or 4. We recommend getting the rainbow set of four pictured above.

Once we finished the first set of coasters, we knew we had to make some chubby Belgian waffles. So we celebrated Galentine’s Day with rainbow waffles and waffle coasters! As you can see in our galentine’s gif below. We have more kitchen accessories in the works! Stay tuned for more.

Happy Galentine’s from Dapper Animals!

Round up all your noble land mermaids and celebrate with some rainbow Belgian waffles. Check out our tutorial on how to make these colorful and beautiful stack of waffles. Get ready for a carb crash nap after the festivities.

Give The Gift of Colorful and Adorable Coasters

Coasters are always a great gift. Who would want these kawaii rainbow coasters? Well, obviously waffle lovers. If you know anyone with Leslie Knope waffle addiction levels, then this would be a perfect gift for them. This set of rainbow coasters are also a great gift for housewarming parties, anniversary gifts, and valentines – because of the heart! So warm your friends hearts with these waffle coasters and let us know what they say about them!

I have a Glowforge, I could make these myself

We’re glad you think so! We have the SVG files for sale on our Etsy shop. Grab your SVG file and get to making some amazing and unique coasters. And send us pics of your finished project, we love to see how they turn out.

Some behind the scenes of our rainbow waffle coaster photoshoot

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