Handmade Cat (or Corgi) Wooden Purse by Dapper Animals

Dapper Animals Cat (or Corgi) Handmade Handbag

Hello Peeps! We are thrilled to unveil our latest project! Excuse all the exclamation points, but WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! We’ve put all of our crafty and designing skills to good use; and have designed our own line of limited edition, quirky, handmade handbags.

Bags Handmade With Love

Each purse is handmade with love by the two of us – Andrea & Paola. We do everything from designing, cutting, gluing, sewing, painting, and every other step in between. Every piece we make is a labor of love and made to order. Each bag will also include a unique charm.

We are only making a small number of bags for each design because it’s a two person operation; and we’d like to keep it that way (as long as we can).

Limited Edition Cat (or Corgi Handbag)

Our very first design is this adorable chubby cat (or corgi according to some people) with a charm of a round, little, fatty mouse. This design is a limited edition of 10 pieces. That means once we make the tenth cat bag, we will no longer have that bag in production. Each bag will be numbered – making it unique.

The purses are completely vegan with straps made of faux leather and the bags themselves made of wood.

Conversation Piece – Cat (or Corgi) Handbag

We have so many ideas for future designs. It’s going to be so much fun! We hope you guys enjoy them as much as we do. For now, we’ve had a great response every time we take them out in the wild. Trust us, if you have one of our bags you will complimented by strangers on your adorable Dapper Animals bag.

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