How To Take Outfit Photos With Colorful Solid Backgrounds

We just got back from Alt Summit where we stayed at the colorful Saguaro Hotel. It’s the best place to take colorful background photos!

#1 Avoid Direct Sunlight

One thing we’ve learned is that lighting is everything when it comes to taking photos. Too much light and your photo will be washed out. Not enough light will make your photos too dark, hiding all the cute details. A tip we’ve learned is that direct sunlight on a sunny day results in harsh photos with dark shadows. To avoid this, look for shade from a building. Sometimes trees will also be a good source of shade. Just make sure the tree has enough leaves to give a solid shade. You don’t want a shadowy pattern of leaves on your face.

Step Away From The Wall

Leave a little room between you and the wall. Anywhere between 2-3 ft is a good distance. It will give you more freedom to move around and try different poses.

Match Your Outfit Colors to the Background

For extra cuteness points, coordinate your outfit to match the color of the wall. It can be a piece of clothing that matches your colorful background or you hair color.

Camera & Lens

We use a Canon D70 to take all of our photos. Our favorite portrait photography lens is the Canon 50mm f/1.4. When you are not using a solid background, this lens will give you the blurry background effect while keeping your subject crisp and sharp.

Photo Editing On Your Phone

Sometimes you download the photos and they are not as bright and colorful as they were in person. We use photo editing mobile apps like VSCO & A Color Story to color correct our photos. Just be careful to not go to crazy with the editing on your phone. It’s easy to get carried away with photo apps and then your photos will just look weird.

That’s it! We hope these tips were helpful. Let us know in the comments if you have any tricks of your own.

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