Peter’s Charcoal Suit & Blood Red Tie

This year’s Dapper Animals Valentine’s Day Photoshoot has the theme: Love is in the Air. The guys opted for muted outfits with pops of color and the girls peppered their outfits with different shades of red, pink & coral.

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Peter has a love/hate relationship with this lovely holiday. The cynic in him wants to rant about corporations pushing our emotional buttons to spend money on cards and jewelry. Then again, he melts when he receives a handmade note that reads: “You are the sweetest. Will you be my valentine?” signed with a doodle of donuts & ice cream bars. Hence, Peter decided to go on a fancy Valentine’s date and picked the appropriate outfit with his slim fit, charcoal suit and skinny, silk, blood red tie.Keep reading >>>

The most important factor when buying a suit is making sure it fits properly. Peter is in great shape so he can take advantage of suits that have slim fits and highlight his assets. We will be posting about how to shop for a suit that fits well. For now, make sure there is no gap between your shirt collar and the suit jacket. That is a sure sign of an ill-fitting suit.

What Peter is wearing: End-on-end Photographer Suit in gray, Extra Slim Button Down Collar Shirt, Skinny Silk Tie in red, Vegan Brogues by New Look, 2-in-1 Reversible Belt, and Argyle Dress Socks in black.

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