Wes Anderson Inspired Mendl’s Truck Bag

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As you may have noticed, we love a themed party! When it comes to themed parties, the one we look forward to the most is our monthly Geek Girl Brunch. What is Geek Girl Brunch? It’s an amazing organization that brings together women who enjoy all kinds of geeky fandoms. We are so happy to be members of this community where you get to dress up and geek out.

We’ve made so many great friends and always enjoy meeting new people. There are Geek Girl Brunch chapters all over the US. You should check out if there’s one near you – or you can start one yourself!

Photo credit: Nabila Verushka

If you live in Miami, check out the Geek Girl Brunch Miami IG and join us! This month, the brunch was “Favorite Director” themed. So we chose Wes Anderson!

We found dresses that we thought would fit the Wes Anderson aesthetic; and created custom Mendl’s truck bags. When we arrived at the brunch we realized, there we other Wes Anderson fans and it was so much fun! We took some pics with a couple of Margots (from Royal Tenenbaums), a Steve Zissou (from Life Aquatic) and a Lobby Girl (from the Grand Budapest Hotel).

It turns out we got a Mendl’s truck pin in our goodie bags! What a coincidink lol

Photo credit: Nabila Verushka

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Andrea wore a mishmash inspired by several Wes Anderson movies. Her pink adidas are a nod to The Life Aquatic. The pink beret and scarf were inspired by the movie Moonrise Kingdom; and the piece of resistance, was our handmade Mendl’s truck purse from The Grand Budapest Hotel. She tied it all together with a 60s navy mod dress with pockets.


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My pink dress is also a 60s mod inspired dress which I couldn’t resist because it went perfectly with the pink Mendl’s truck bag. The truck purse was a hit and everyone who enjoys Wes Anderson loved it! We love building these custom one-of-a-kind bags just for the fun of it.

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