Yellow Peter Pan Collar Dress

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Yellow Peter Pan Collar Dress Outfit

This peter pan collar dress doesn’t have pockets, but it makes up for its pocket deficiency with comfort. It’s made with thick and stretchy cotton that makes it oh so comfy. The dress has a bit of capped sleeves and an exposed zipper back. I love wearing this dress over a pair of my favorite leggings with black sneakers. I can run errands in this outfit all day and still feel cute. I bought this dress at ModCloth.

TV Wooden Necklace by Brainbow

This outfit is very colorful but you can always add a bit more color by throwing in a rainbow. This adorable TV necklace is from my Brainbow collection and has a rainbow on the display.

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Yellow Peter Pan Collar – Modcloth
Cropped Leggings – Boden
Black Sneakers – Old Navy
TV Wooden Necklace – Brainbow

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