Amigurumi: Molang the Chubby Bunny

I’m proud to present my first amigurumi project that does not look like a lumpy and misshapen egg. Ta daaa! I created Molang by following the free pattern by She has great, free amigurumi patterns. I highly recommend you check out her other adorable creatures.

My little guy seems to have come out much bigger than hers so I did a little research. I found some great tips here: Apparently, my yarn was too thick and my hook size too big. I used the recommended hook that was illustrated on the yarn packaging but amigurumi experts recommend you use 2-3 times smaller hook than what the yarn label says.

However, if you do like the chubby size of my amigurumi bunny below are the materials I used:

Yarn – Lion Brand, Baby’s First (white) (Bulky 5) 
Crochet hook – 4.5 mm 

Below is my first try at Molang. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was following the pattern incorrectly. (I skipped like 10 lines by mistake)


Ehhhh, yes, something went very wrong along the way. I still love him though and gave it to one of my best friends as a birthday gift 🙂

If you’re local to Coral Gables, like me :), and would like to learn to crochet you should check out the Knitting Garden. It’s a wonderful and charming local shop and they are very helpful with newbies like me. They have knitting and crochet workshops that look great. I will most definitely be attending one soon myself.

Happy crafting!

<3 Izzie

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