Introducing Dapper Animal: Izzie

Today, we would like you introduce you to Izzie, our shortest member. What she lacks in height she makes up for in attitude. Do not piss her off or BAM! she will be In Your FACE! We just shake our heads at the poor fools that mess with Izzie. She looks so innocent. Doesn’t she? Keep reading >>>

Aside from rage episodes, Izzie is into vintage/modish clothing. She is wearing a confetti tweed dress with red chunky heels that complement the dress with its aqua details. If you are looking for her dress, belt & shoes Modcloth has similar items. Dresses: the Maraschino Cheery Dress in Cream & the Boucle Cream Tweed Dress. Belt: red belt. Shoes: Fit For A Fashionista Heel in Burgundy, Garden of Possibilities Heel in Merlot, and Take the Podium Wedge in Red. She is also wearing ballerina pink tights.

It’s important that dresses have pockets for convenience and carrying guitar picks because Izzie is the bassist in the band.

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