Introducing Dapper Animal: Ollie

*Drum roll* *trumpets* Introducing our British crew member, Ollie! Ollie (short for Oliver) came from across the pond. He is, in fact, the tallest member of the gang – when the girls are not wearing heels. And as the universe dictates opposites to attract, he fell in love with our shortest member, Izzie. Keep reading >>>

Ollie is known for his uncanny ability to generate (mostly) hilarious puns. If you are in a conversation, in which he is participating, you can be sure you will be derailed by a double take of punpuntuan (gargantuan?) proportions. It is always unexpected and quite entertaining.

Ollie is also a guitarist in the band Peeps.

What Ollie is wearing: Classic Denim Jacket, 121 Heritage Slim Fit Jeans, Yellow Silicone Chrono Watch, Yellow Micro-Dotted Socks, Similar Pietroo Shoes.

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