Introducing Dapper Animal: Peter Panda

Peter Panda was born with music pumping through his veins. He goes through life with the appropriate soundtrack, adapting tracks as the situations change. Even silence has its place in the soundtrack of his life, but each musical decision is deliberate. Keep reading >>>

Peter Panda is what grounds the band. It all started on a New Year’s Eve when we decided to play music. Peter Panda, being multi-instrument proficient, painstakingly taught each of us our tool: Bass, Guitar, Drums & Voice. And now here we are!

Peter Panda is wearing: Lucky Brand 121 Heritage Slim Jeans, Express Extra Slim Fit Shirt, Similar Gray Vest, Similar Plaid Tie, Forever 21 Faux Leather Ankle Boots.

CrewOutfitPeter Panda
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