New Year’s Eve with Izzie

Izzie decided to go with an all black outfit and a pop of color. She picked an adorable little black dress with a bow in the front and ultra violet pumps. Alas, this dress does not have pockets but Izzie said it wasn’t a problem. She’s so excited about her purse that she will be toting it around all night. Hence, she will not be needing dress pockets, but dresses should always have pockets in my opinion. We should start a campaign to make it an industry standard like all new cars have an auxiliary jack. Wait, is that a standard or did I just make that up? Keep reading >>>

What Izzie is wearing: Black Bow Dress, Opaque Tights, Ultra Violet Calie Pumps by Jessica Simpson.

Izzie is also taking her favorite Betsey Johnson Telephone Bag, which is both fantastic and functional. Yes, you can attach the receiver to your cel phone and pick up your calls from your purse.

Izzie also mentioned she’s glad we did a trial run of the New Year’s outfits because her shoes are kinda big on her. She’s going to need a whole bunch of soles to get them to fit right for the big night out.

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