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Book Review: The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone

Video game mystery book! The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Mossy by Max Wirestone

3.5 stars of 5

The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone

The title immediately caught my attention and I absolutely love the cover.

Geeky, videogame player, Dahlia is down on her luck. Jobless and boyfriendless, Dahlia doesn’t seem to be able to get her shit together. Until one night, she has a strange proposition. This guy in a sailor costume asks her to solve a crime for him. Someone has stolen his spear and wants Dahlia to find it. Even though Dahlia is no private investigator, she might be more qualified for the job than you think. See, the spear is a virtual spear. The spear was stolen in a VIDEO GAME. Even though Dahlia is suspicious of this job she still goes ahead and takes it, inadvertently becoming entangled in a real crime.

The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone

This book was quirky, funny and charming. The characters are over the top ridiculous and hilarious. For those of you looking for a geeky, video game mystery, this book is a quick and fun read.

Happy reading!

<3 Izzie

Book Review: The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone Transcript

Izzie: Hello and welcome to Live the Cute Life. I am Izzie.

Coco: And I am Coco.

Izzie: And today we are going to review the Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone.

Coco: Yes, it is interesting because we do not read very many male authors.

Izzie: I did not realize when I was started reading it, it was fine. Well, you know what? This book is not really a romance.

Coco: It does not have a romance in it but it was very entertaining. I really like that. It is like the geeky romance mystery novel.

Izzie: Very light on the romance.

Coco: Right, very light romance. There is this main character and her name, what was her name?

Izzie: Well, it is in the title of the book. It’s Dahlia.

Coco: Dahlia. She was dumped a while ago and she has not been able to get another boyfriend or a job after graduating college. She is feeling very depressed. She’s also rooming with her kooky sidekick and friend called Charice.

Izzie: Yes, she is funny.

Coco: Who likes to have theatre plays in their apartment and just have all kinds of crazy people in her place. One of these parties, a guy shows up and wants to hire her to solve a mystery.

Izzie: Mind you, she is not a private detective. Still he is offering a lot of money and she does not have a job so she was just like, “Sure, I will take it.”

Coco: She knows that this is very fishy. This guy is up to no good but I am going to take the job because I don’t have any other choice. She takes the job and then the guy ends up dead.

Izzie: Yes, in the middle of her investigation.

Coco: This book is about her solving the mystery that the guy hired her for and telling the mystery of his murder. There are so many funny kooky characters along the way. It is so hilarious.

Izzie: Yes, they are all very odd creatures. It was really cute, a really cute book. I really enjoyed it.

Coco: You recommend it?

Izzie: I will recommend it. It reminded me a little bit of “Spellman Files”. Because of the private detective and the way how she acts. She does have friends but she does not have good social skills. She is a little bit odd and it reminded me a little bit of that. Not as funny but it is well written but still really endearing.

Coco: I also recommend it. I give it 3.5 stars, maybe. Right?

Izzie: Yeah, that is a good rating.

Coco: It is a super entertaining and funny book.

Izzie: The cover really caught my attention. I think I read it because I liked the cover.

Coco: It has a good cover. That is true. Also, you have to kind of be in the mindset like these people are crazy off the wall. At the beginning I was a little put off, I am like, “What is going on here?” Then like, “This is what the book is about.” It is like, just like bat shit crazy thoughts. This is what it is about, okay. Once you are on board it is going to be fun.

Izzie: Ciao.

Coco: Until next time.

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