DIY Dip Dye Planter tutorial


Hello! Hello! Today we had the pleasure of shooting a video with the lovely Lyanne Manzanilla. Lyanne is also a fellow YouTuber and you should check out her adorable videos at YouTube.com/LyanneManzanilla.

We had a great time following this Pinterest tutorial from I Spy DIY on how to dip dye planters and give them an ombre effect.

Below is a list of items you will need for this project:

We actually found this project to be very easy and fun. We weren’t sure if we were going to end up with a Pinterest fail on our hands. We do you recommend you use longer dipping times than suggested in the tutorial and just pour the whole packet in your 2 cups of hot water.

Have fun with this project!

<3 Izzie

  1. Natalia Lilly says

    Those are SUPER cute!!! A really cute idea to add some spring touches into your home in a very simple and cost effective way!

    1. DapperAnimals says

      Thank you! It was super easy and fun to make 🙂

  2. Sabrina Clementine says

    You guys are too cute!! And the pots turned out great!

  3. nicole says

    Super cute and looks like you girls are having lots of fun too. 🙂

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