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Getting Ready For A Sparkly New Year: Coco


Here at Dapper Animals’ Headquarters we are already planning our New Year’s Eve shindig. After much debating, we settled on purple and silver as our 2015 NYE theme. So we decorated the place with silver fringe curtains and silver star foil balloons and we will dress up in purple. I found a 36 inch foil star balloon! It’s so big you can bear hug it. I love that balloon – it’s so chubby. Keep reading >>>


These Jessica Simpson pumps are super comfortable and go with almost everything in my closet. They are the perfect classic heels that dress up any outfit. I have these in many different colors and they are my go-to heels for weddings because they are so comfy I can dance all night long.


What Coco is wearing: Purple Colorblock Hem Dress by Closet, Jessica Simpson Calie Heels, Opaque tights by Merona.

What Coco is standing on: A Portable Crosley Record Player in a suitcase.


What Coco is sitting on: That is a giant Mustache Labbit Stool by Kidrobot and Frank Kozik. I am a designer toy collector and the labbit is one of my favorite figures. I like to pepper my life with labbits whenever possible. Hence a labbit stool at the office but I also have mustached plush labbits on my night stand, a labbit necklace and much more.


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