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Introducing Dapper Animal: Coco


Hey, that’s me! They call me Coco. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I was recently diagnosed OWC: Obsessed with Cuteness. My doctors have said that, as part of my therapy, I should take up photography. I think they wanted me to take pictures of landscapes or buildings or something. Instead I chose to dress up my friends & band-mates in super cute outfits and hold fashion photo shoots every weekend. I don’t think this is helping my condition at all. But the good news is that I get to share all these cool pics, fashion tips and videos (coming soon) with all of you nice people. Keep reading >>>

My Peeps don’t mind taking part in these photo shoots (/antics, /schemes, /capers, /general shenanigans) because they get to dress up in cool clothes and sneak in to places we aren’t supposed to be – and we all know the only thing better than simply looking cool is looking cool while doing something slightly dangerous. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we all have dreams. My friends know that this is my dream and this is why we are all here: to help make each others dreams come true.

What Coco is wearing: Dress: Heart Pocket Dress by Nishe, Shoes: Mel Popstar by Melissa in Navy



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Paola is the nerdy half of the sister-duo Dapper Animals. She likes to doodle, craft, and make big plans for art installations. She's a notorious crafting supply hoarder, but she's happy to share during crafternoons with friends. She's also the Founder of thebloggerunion.com.

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