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Rainbow Waffles: Happy Galentine’s Day from Dapper Animals

How to make rainbow Belgian Waffles Recipe & tutorial

Happy Galentine’s from Dapper Animals!

Round up all your noble land mermaids and celebrate with some rainbow Belgian waffles. WE decided to celebrate this friendship holiday by making these colorful and beautiful stack of waffles. Get ready for a carb crash nap after the festivities.

Happy Galentines from Dapper Animals! We're celebrating with Rainbow Waffles

How To Make Rainbow Belgian Waffles


2 cups – Aunt Jemima Original Pancake Mix
1.5 cups – milk
4 tablespoons – vegetable oil
McCormick Neon Food Coloring Set
Yellow Food Coloring

How to make rainbow belgian waffles - Dapper Animals


1. Mix the Aunt Jemima pancake mix, milk, and oil until the big chunks are dissolved.

2. Split batter into 5 bowls – 2 laddles per bowl.

How To Make Rainbow Belgian Waffles. Separate batter into 5 bowls

3. Add drops of food coloring to each bowl and mix to create the batter for each of the 5 colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Making Rainbow Belgian Waffles. Add drops of food coloring to batter

4. Pour batter with food coloring on your hot waffle maker.

Making Rainbow Belgian Waffles. Pour batter with food coloring onto hot waffle maker

5. Enjoy your waffles.

Making Rainbow Belgian Waffles

How to make rainbow belgian waffles - Dapper Animals

Rainbow Waffles on a Waffle Trivet

Looking for a cute trivet? We’ve got this adorable Waffle trivet on our Dapper Animals Etsy Shop.

Kawaii Heart Shaped waffle trivet and coaster with rainbow waffle stack. So cute

Shop The Outfit

We’re twinning with the Hello Kitty cardigan available at Modcloth. We have a weakness for all things peter pan collar and Hello Kitty. So when we saw this sweater we naturally both grabbed one. It seemed the perfect top to celebrate the spirit of friendship on Galentine’s.

Hello Kitty Red Peter Pan Collar Cardigan

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