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Peter’s Pink Check Shirt & Chinos


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One of the things I love about Peter is that he is not afraid of wearing pink. I am super glad because I think he nailed his outfit this week. He gets an A+. He looks dapper as hell. Keep reading >>>


Peter adds style too every detail of his attire. He paired his checked shirt with country blue chinos and black brogues. He made sure to pick a solid color tie that would stand out on his patterned shirt. He didn’t pick blue or navy because that would be an obvious pairing. Instead, he complemented his shirt and pants with a silver gray tie. And for the Pièce de résistance Peter wore pink gingham socks to match his check shirt. I love it when guys wear colorful socks! Colorful socks and uniforms are my weakness. *sigh*

What Peter is wearing: Extra Slim Check Shirt from Express, Skinny Silver Silk Tie, Finn Slim Chino Pant in Country Blues, New Look Vegan Smart Brogues, Gingham Check Dress Socks, and a 2-in-1 Reversable Belt.


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