Ollie’s Black V-Neck Sweater & Pattern Shirt



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Ollie is the tinkerer of the band and so he dresses fashionably geek or geek chic. Therefore the most important item from his ensemble is his Pebble Smart Watch. Nonetheless, he has a classic adorable v-neck sweater with tie outfit that Izzie always falls for. It is definitely worth pointing out that Ollie’s shirt sleeves peek out from under his sweater sleeves just a bit. It is small touches like these that turn a regular outfit into a stylish one. Yes, Ollie is one dapper raccoon this week. Keep reading >>>


Ollie likes to wear ties but does not like to button his shirt because “it pinches him”. For Ollie comfort always comes before fashion, so you will rarely see him in a fully buttoned up shirt. His only exception is when he is breaking in shoes. Ollie does like to collect kicks, especially sneakers. You wouldn’t think but even some sneakers need breaking in; and Ollie is always up to the task. For this adventure, Ollie wore his trusted Steve Madden Boots.


What Ollie is wearing: Pebble Smart Watch, Black V-Neck Sweater, Skinny Black Silk Tie, Lucky Brand 121 Slim Jeans, Dotted Fitted Shirt, Steve Madden Pietro Shoes, and 2-in 1 Double Sided Belt.

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