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The story of Izzie & Coco begins in a small town where a white house with a red door sat next to an orange house with a white door. In the white house lived a young couple of very uptight and quiet bunnies. The orange one housed a couple of energetic and loud cats. The two couples could not stand each other. Both families had an unspoken agreement of ignoring each other, an invisibility pact. This tacit agreement continued for 3 years until, as many other wars have begun, the bunnies decided to put up a white picket fence. Keep reading >>>


Tired of staring into the blazing orange of their neighbor’s house, the bunnies decided to install a shield for their eyes and their souls. Their nervous disposition caused them to jump at every single one of their neighbor’s rambunctious conversations & activities. The white wooden shield was successfully installed over a long weekend, during which the cats were conveniently away. Upon their return, the cats were outraged at finding a fence bordering a quarter of their property, “Without any notice at all!” So the passive aggressive neighborly war began. With city violations swinging back and forth the two properties for silly things that were “anonymously” reported.

By the time the cats had their litter of kittens, the animosity soared so high that the kittens were forbidden to interact with the neighboring bunnies unless it was a retaliation in the ongoing conflict. Izzie was born the runt of the litter of six. She was the smallest kitten with the strongest set of lungs. Izzie’s size never mattered, her loud wails could be heard from blocks away and they wouldn’t stop until she got what she wanted. Nonetheless, being the smallest had its disadvantages. Your siblings didn’t let you go along on their dangerous adventures. Izzie had to stay home until she was strong enough the venture into the world.

Coincidentally, that same year the bunnies had a single child, Coco. Coco was a healthy baby bunny with a pair of overly concerned parents. So she was not allowed to play outside the house. The farthest her explorations were allowed to stretch was to the back yard surrounded by the white picket fence. From her second floor bedroom she could look into the neighbor’s backyard. They had so many kids to play with and always seemed to be having fun. Coco longed to play with them but her parents had warned her they were bad kids.

One sunny Saturday afternoon, Coco was playing by the fence when she heard a voice, “Hi.” She crouched to look behind the blackberry bush to find an eye staring at her through a piece of broken fence.


“Um, hello.”
“Hi! My name is Izzie!”
“I don’t think I’m supposed to talk to you.”
“Yeah, I’m not supposed to talk to you either but I’m bored and you look more bored than I feel.”
“Hmmm. My name is Coco.”

And so, when Izzie & Coco came into the world they were destined to become best friends. They spent all their waking moments together: play before school, walk to school together, play after school and then start all over again. As they grew and went through their awkward stages and heart breaks they were each other’s rock to make it through.

After all the struggles of becoming adults, here they are today. Still playing dress up and navigating the swirling waters of everyday life. Ignoring anyone who tells them they shouldn’t be friends. Do not mess with either one of them. If one of them is slighted you will incur the wrath of the dynamic duo and very few (if any) walk away unscathed.


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