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Live the Cute Life #1: Handbag Review

betsy johnson phone bag review

Today we bring you Izzie’s favorite handbags. They all happen to be Betsey Johnson bags. There’s something so whimsical and kitschy about these bags that I just love. I also love their chunkiness. My favorite accents are the bows and in the case of my phone purse I can live with it not having a bow because it has ROTARY PHONE instead! And it works too! Just plug in the auxilary cable to your cell and you can pick up phone calls with the bag’s phone handle. I’ve had these bag for a while already so they are not easy to find anymore. We’ve added links below to similar bags to the ones in our video. Enjoy!

Dapper Animals Tote Bag

Dapper Animals Tote Bag

Betsey Johnson Polka Dot Satchel (Similar)

Betsey Johnson Heart Pattern Satchel with Bow (Similar)

Betsey Johnson Bow Bucket Bag (Similar)

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