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The Faux Leather Pencil Skirt That You’ve Been Looking For

Do you have an hour glass figure with a substantial booty? Well, I do and I have the hardest time finding a pencil skirt that fits nicely. Pencil skirts are usually too loose at the waist and way too tight in the butt. If you are in the same situation as I, then I have good news for you! I just found a faux leather skirt that fits like a pencil skirt and it’s awesome.


If you look at the product pictures, it’s supposed to fit like an A-line skirt (if you have more of a stick figure silhouette). That’s the only reason I added it to the shopping cart in the first place. I tend to stick to A-line skirts because they are comfortable and flattering to the smaller waist/bigger hip situation I have going on.


I love the material because it’s vegan and the faux leather look gives it a really cool look. The skirt also has pockets! Most of my skirts have pockets. It’s one of the requirements I look for in my skirts and dresses because I need to carry stuff. It’s nice to be able to carry your phone in your pocket and just go. Especially, since I have an iPhone cover with a pocket. I put my credit card, my driver’s license, and the access card to my building in there. So my phone is usually all I need. I sometimes wedge a $20 bill in there but it’s really pushing the poor pocket’s limits.


I also ordered a ruffle sleeve shirt with key hole detail in the front. It’s really comfortable and goes perfectly with the new taupe faux leather skirt. You do have to wear an undershirt because it’s a bit see through. So I finished off the outfit with my trusted Boden capri leggings. I wear those leggings so much I have a 3/4 leg farmer’s tan. I added my black bow melissa flats and the outfit was ready for work, or a night out.

Shop The Outfits: Faux Leather Skirt & Navy Mod Dress

Live the Cute Life – Episode #18: ASOS Haul faux leather skirt

Izzie: Hello and welcome to “Live the Cute Life”. Today, Coco will be showing you her outfit. What do you have girl? What do you get?

Coco: I ordered a dress from ASOS. It’s really cute because it’s like a 60s dress, Coco dress, and it has pockets. I thought it was black but it’s actually dark navy blue. I am wearing with navy tights and I have my favorite Melissa shoes with bows.

Izzie: Yeah, show us.

Coco: Can you see? I love this dress. It’s so cute and here you go.

This is my second outfit. It’s also from ASOS. I’ve got this really cute, simple shirt from New Look – it’s the brand.
I love this skirt because I can never pull off a pencil skirt but somehow this one fits, right? It’s not real leather, it’s vegan leather. So I don’t feel bad about wearing this awesome skirt.
For those of us with the big butts, you can pull off a pencil skirt. I recommend this one.

Izzie: Get closer so you can see a little bit the kind of the material of the skirt.

Coco: As you can see. It’s a faux leather material and it has pockets, I love.

Izzie: The shirt looks comfortable.

Coco: It’s super comfortable and I love that the skirt has pockets. Never a deep pockets but definitely enough to put some cash in there when you’re hanging out.

I’m wearing my trusty boden leggings. I love these leggings. They’re so comfortable. They don’t slip down like most of the other weird leggings. And of course, my favorite Melissa shoes. I love all Melissa shoes that have a bow. These are flats and they’re made of plastic but they’re super comfortable.

Izzie: You should take one off and bring it close to the camera please. So you can show the detail of the bow because it’s really cute.

Coco: Oopsies. They’re a little dusty because they’re so old. They’re easy to clean with just soap water. But they’re really cute, I love the bow and they’re just plastic.
Anyway, this is my outfit and my haul from ASOS. So hopefully, check it out. Subscribe to our channel and we’ll see you next time.

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