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Live the Cute Life: iphone 6s and MacBook accessories

Ok, I held out as much as could to my 4s iphone but the time has come to upgrade to the beautiful and HUGE iphone 6s plus. Better pictures and video! What else could a blogger/youtuber ask for? It has a bunch of other wonderful techie wonders and specs but you can find all that other info in any gadget website. Here, we’ll tell you all about accessorizing your gadgets šŸ™‚

1st. You’ll need an iphone case and I found the perfect one. Beautiful design andĀ practical! I got my case at JimmyCase.co. I love using my iphone as a wallet.


I’ve also found a pretty nifty screen protector. I got theĀ SpigenĀ® 3D Touch Compatible- Tempered Glass screen protector. I love it! I feel like the screen is super protected and it was very easy to install. Don’t worry about the small bubbles, they will disappear all on their own in a day or two as promised on the instructions.

My next wonderful find I got on Etsy.com. It’s my rainbow keyboard stickers! I first saw it on A Beautiful MessĀ and knew I had to have it. I’m glad I did cause my laptop looks ADORABLE.


And last but not least, my beautiful and chubby Conway extension chord. When your laptop cable is just not long enough this beautiful yet industrial looking extension will get you out of a bind. I got the baby blue with red chord, but would’ve loved to have gotten the pink with gray as well. But they’re a bit pricey, so I’ll just stick with one for now šŸ˜‰





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